Nano Gym

Stand alone boutique studio or
modern boot camp classes in the club.
All without franchise fees.

  • Small investment
  • Low monthly costs
  • Income of a large size fitness club

€ 21.300

monthly profit *

* To be achieved with 5 groups per day with maximum occupancy

Nano Boot Camp

Nano Boot Camp is a revolutionary 50-minute group full-body training concept. This unique application-based form of reverse training is supported by an instructor who does not practice with the group but corrects and supervises the training while motivating for intense exercise. Classes of this type are gaining more and more popularity all over the world.

Each participant trains at their own pace, engaging all muscle groups, achieving multi-level improvement in their endurance, condition and reduction of body fat. The BASIC Boot Camp version without cardio devices has two zones with 3 training stations each, where up to 24 people can train at the same time. The uniqueness of the Nano Boot Camp training lies in the variety of activities that are never repeated. Training will not become boring because during one class each participant performs at least 8 different exercises with various training accessories..

NWhether you’are an instructor, gym owner or someone who’s had enough of the corporate rat race, Nano Gym concept is ideal to start your first fitness business of your own. It is relatively inexpensive investment with high ROI. all you have to do is find a suitable location and adapt it for a Nano Gym.

Nano because the whole idea of the club-studio is compact and easy to apply in any location and any city. Easy to fill with no need for thousands of members. It is not expensive but highly profitable.


I have my own space with an area of 150 to 300 m2 and I don't know what to do there

If you have your own space, consider whether it's better to open your own Nano Gym studio instead of renting it out to someone who may turn out to be an unreliable tenant. With Nano Gym, you don't need any prior experience, special care, or labor, and it can provide you with an income that is ten times higher than what you can earn from renting.

Write to us and we will check if your place is suitable for this.

I am a trainer and I want to open my own studio

As an experienced trainer, you likely have your own client base. Imagine being able to move all of them to your own studio, which you can afford thanks to your success. At the same time, you can increase your prestige and attract new clients to your bootcamp classes at Nano Gym. If you prefer to work solo, you don't even have to hire anyone, and your profits could exceed $15,000 per month.

Write to us and we will let you know if the location where you want to open a studio is suitable for Nano.

I already have a club, but I would like to increase its revenue potential

Currently, the most popular trend in fitness clubs for development is bootcamp classes. However, without appropriate software to support the trainer's work, it simply cannot be done effectively. Nano Gym provides ready-made workouts for every day of the month and also offers the ability to fully edit and implement your own training plans based on the most popular and effective functional exercises. All of this is done to gain completely new clients and increase the club's revenue by up to fifty percent.

Write to us and we will check if your club is suitable for this.

The app

It's not just for group classes. It is fully editable and legible, it allows you to create your own workouts, which clients watch on TV during classes, and allows the instructor to focus on the exercising clients. The application allows you to book training stations with selected training for groups of clients, but also allows you to make training more attractive and inspire each member of the Nano Gym studio


Having in mind healthy society we have developped member friendly training system for small and big enterpreneurs. Not only do we give you state of the art software but also the KNOW HOW you ned to succeed. Over 30 years of experience in the fitness sector allowed us to create 27 ready to use training programs. However, the software at your disposal contains more than 200 workouts from which you can easily create thousands of your own programs.


We do not require any contract, license or franchise fees from you. On the other hand, we give you all our knowladge and support. Including initial consulting and one month of full support from the most expierienced people on the market after opening. Minimum number of employes but maximum number of members. Only 114 sqm of training area is enough to accomodate 24 people in one group and to generate over EUR 20.000 of your monthly profit.

Recently, boutique clubs are gaining more and more popularity in the fitness market. Mainly for this reason, various types of boutique franchises are developing very quickly. However, unlike them, we give you a more modern product. In our concept, you have not one, but three income channels. The equipment of the studio provides group classes for 24 people at a time, full personal training for 7 trainers with their charges at one time and training of each muscle group for clients who will treat the Nano studio as an ordinary fitness club. In addition, the Nano owner has the freedom to choose, a fully editable training application and no fees for the purchase of a license or per meter or turnover.



150 sqm of the total area is enough for a Nano gym but it is not strictly defined. Due to rent cost however basic nano gym should not exeed 200 sqm. The only one thing which is strictly defined is training area which is 114 sqm.


Nano Gym has been tested and refined in every detail based on the lowest investment cost and the smallest space needed. However, for those who would like to have prepared more expensive investment variants taking into account properly selected cardio equipment.


Pricing Terms

Upfront Fees

  • Nano Boot Camp Fitness eq. set€ 39 999
  • Flooring for 96 SQM € 3500
  • TV Sets - 4 pieces € 3500
  • Training app - for 6 screens Free
  • Gym Management Software € 1200
  • Brand Book, know how and on site training Free
  • Website with CMS € 800


  • Franchise feeFree
  • Training app fee for 1 yearFree
  • Gym Management Software fee for 1 yearFree
  • Initial consulting and support for 1 month Free
Total € 48 999


First of all, we take it seriously. The impact on nature has to be minimal just because it’s worth it. Nano Gyms have been equipped exclusively with accessories made either from recycled or plant-based materials. Cardio equipped variants use only ECO-POWR™ equipment which significantly reduces electricity bills.


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